Art Battle Los Angeles


Art Battle LA is going Freestyle next Wednesday! Open rules, artist materials, incredible art. 16 artists compete across three rounds for audience votes, auction success, and entrance into the National Tournament Series.

It will be the first time in LA for a Battle with spray, paint markers, charcoal, pencil, stencils or any other tools our artists choose to deliver their best against the clock and for YOUR VOTES. 

As a SPECIAL OFFER for the MOBYArts Community, we are offering two special ticket types with free auction credit. The discounted $20 ticket has $20 in auction credit, and the $50 ticket comes with $100 bonus auction credit! There are some incredible artists and MobyArts will be leading the auction table, collecting your bids.

Special tickets linked here (while supplies last!) 

Art Battle also has a new iPhone app, and you can vote for the winners or bid on your favorite painting. Download and register for ABLA Now:


Today Art Battle International produces the global tournament with more than 200 events each year in the US and Canada, and in more than 60 global cities around the world. From Toronto to Tokyo, Sydney to San Francisco, and Beijing to Bangladesh – Art Battle is the world’s live art tournament.


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