Equal Means Equal: Benefit Auction 2019

Featuring prints published by Moby Arts from artists Patssi Valdez and M. 

The Equal Means Equal Campaign for Equal Rights (#EqualMeansEqual) is a public information campaign supporting the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment that would blanket all sex-based protections into the U.S. Constitution itself. Ratification of the ERA would ensure—on a constitutional level—fundamentals like equal pay and the prohibition of sex discrimination.

Here’s how it works: Only one more state’s endorsement is required for the ERA to pass by way of a three-quarters (38-state) majority. #EqualMeansEqual seeks the nationwide public’s influence to target legislators in Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Virginia, so that Americans of all identities can live in a country where “civil rights may not be denied on the basis of one’s sex.”

Your support provides the resources to launch and sustain the campaign. Online bidding closes on Tuesday, May 21st at 9:30pm EDT. Go To: