JOIN US in supporting Riverside Art Museum (RAM)

JOIN US in supporting Riverside Art Museum (RAM) and beloved artist, comedian and friend, Cheech Marin regarding The Cheech.  Cheech owns the world's largest Chicano American Art collection and is sharing it with you and the world. Learn more about The Cheech at
The Cheech will be "the one place worldwide that everybody can go to for all things Chicano art. And it will not just be displayed, but it will have an academic feature so Chicano art can be seen and can be studied. . . . Chicano art is American art. The more we repeat that message, the more people see it, they see what we’re doing. It’s about inclusion, participation, and history," says Cheech Marin.

Representation matters.
 SIGN this petition by January 18 (so we can submit it) to ask the Riverside City Council to approve the management agreement so The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture of the Riverside Art Museum can open in the fall of 2021 by going to