LOCOS ONLY February 4th At Tracy Park Gallery

Kicking off the LA Art Scene at Tracy Park Gallery in Malibu, CA. 

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Tracy Park Gallery

23823 Malibu Rd  Suite 700 

Malibu CA 90265

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Opening Date: February 4,2023

Tracy with Gallery Director Pamela LeGrand. Since opening her doors in 2004, Tracy has been fervently dedicated to supporting both emerging and mid career artists.Her inventory maintains a diverse collection from artists around the globe as well as a substantial amount from local artists.

The gallery’s exhibition program balances a selection of oil and acrylic works on canvas, bronze sculpture as well as metal and stone sculptures, collage assemblage and photography.
Tracy’s first gallery was opened in Santa Monica in 2004 after hosting a series of successful one night shows all over Los Angeles. Tracy was doing “Pop Ups” before there was a term “Pop Up” In keeping with this tradition, Tracy is often asked to open “Pop Ups” in many commercial and retail shopping centers. In each city, Tracy garners works from local artists in an effort to support the emerging talent bursting within each city limit.

The gallery is privately owned and operated by Tracy Park. https://www.tracyparkgallery.com/about



Chaz Bojórquez, Dave Tourjé, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom and Gary Wong, together and separately, embody the innovative, lively and rebellious spirit of Los Angeles. As diverse as the city itself, the methods and materials these reputed West Coast artists use vary widely, from Wisdom’s loose and spontaneous performance painting to Van Hamersveld’s deliberate, psychedelic graphics, and from Wong’s sophisticated paint/draw paintings to Tourjé’s reverse-painted diatribes and Bojórquez’s painterly street graffiti. What unifies these artists is their shared conviction that being raised in this sprawling metropolis fundamentally and distinctively informs and guides their art.


CHAZ BOJÓRQUEZ, known as the godfather of graffiti art and is considered one of the first artists who successfully made the transition from street to gallery. His iconic street image, a stylized skull called “Señor Suerte” (Mr. Luck), has become a seminal icon in graffiti art. Bojórquez’s paintings are in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian, Laguna Museum of Art, M.O.C.A. and L.A.C.M.A., to name only a few. Bojórquez was prominently featured in the renowned Art in the Streets exhibit at MOCA in 2011. Chaz is known as a primary influence on many contemporary graffiti artists such as Retna, Banksy, Shepard Fairey and others.

GARY WONG who studied under Emerson Woelffer and Matsumi Kanemitsu at Chouinard and was a vital part of the shifting dialogue integral to the formation of West Coast postmodernism and surf/skate/rock culture as we know it today. His visual language is a complex collage-based paint/draw process that often uses photography and reflects his involvement in music as well as wider social and political concerns. Close friends and influences have included artists as diverse as Rick Griffin, Doug Wheeler and Terry Allen

DAVE TOURJÉ was born and raised in the culturally eclectic Northeast L.A. of the 1970s and his upbringing amongst the skaters, gangs, and the area’s tribal friction play heavily in his work. Also a musician, Tourjé was a member of the influential L.A. band the Dissidents, playing shows with Camper Van Beethoven, Saccharine Trust, The Minutemen to name a few. Tourjé’s artwork oscillates between high and low, punk and institutional hegemony and was the subject of a one-man exhibition covering 15 years of paintings on acrylic glass at the Riverside Art Museum in 2002. It has been featured at the Oceanside Museum of Art, the Orange County Museum of Art, and Laguna Art Museum. In 1998, Tourjé helped to form the Chouinard Foundation after purchasing the home of Nelbert Chouinard, in order to help restore the lost history of one of the great art schools in the world.

NORTON WISDOM who has been collaborating with musical ensembles for live art painting performances since 1979. His collaborations with renowned artists include Nels Cline (Wilco), Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones), Ivan Neville, Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), Llyn Foulkes, National Bamboo Orchestra of Bali, the Disney Hall with Christoph Bull, and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, to name only a few. His live painting performances have touched off a growing international movement of the same type, which he has been forwarding since the ’70s.


John Van Hamersveld is an art-school-trained modernist with roots in the California surf culture who was set loose in psychedelia, which he called “hippie modernism.” In 1964, he quickly made his name as the designer of the now iconic Endless Summer poster, parlayed that into a job with Capitol Records, where he designed more than 300 album covers,
including Magical Mystery Tour and Exile on Main Street.


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