FATHOM Punk: A Culture of Attitude
Curated by Billy Morrison
Saturday July 27 from 7-11PM

CBGB by Drew Carolan

Punk: A Culture of Attitude

Moby Arts partnering gallery FATHOM is pleased to present a photographic exploration of the US Punk scene as it emerged from small clubs in New York and Los Angeles, and grew into a major force in the music industry, filling massive stadium concerts and influencing pop culture worldwide.

The Photographers

Jenny Lens: Documented the LA punk scene from 1976-1980.  Jenny’s intimate and revealing photographs captured the early years of many seminal punk bands — some that would go on to become mainstays in the music business, as well as, many local acts that influenced those famous bands destined for immortality.

Drew Carolan: Starting his career with Richard Avedon, Drew turned his fashion trained eyes on the neighborhood where he grew-up — New York’s lower east side. Placing a white seamless across from CBGB during their matinee concert series he captured the quintessential punk fashion.  A unique style evolved from the early, almost random, do-it-yourself days into a highly codified look that illustrated the punkethos and that era’s version of cool.

Jeffrey Mayer: Starting his 50+ year career in the summer of 1965, after seeing The Beatles at Shea Stadium, Jeffrey went on to document the rock scene and has created one of the most comprehensive Rock N Roll photo archives in existence, every shot from Jeffrey’s lens. The ultimate concert photographer and rock insider.

Richard E. Aaron: One of the 20th century’s most published photographers, Richard mostly shot the punk bands as they transitioned to larger venues and stardom — although he was no stranger to CBGB and backroad touring with emerging bands, like the Sex Pistols.

 Curated by Moby Arts Artist 

Billy Morrison is a professional recording artist, established visual artist, and prominent art collector.  His rise from homelessness and drug addiction on the streets of Los Angeles, to being in seminal rock band, The Cult  and now playing guitar for music Icon Billy Idol since 2009, is a fantastically inspirational story. Billy Morrison has already packed five lifetimes into his journey and for the past few years his Fine Art has been creating waves and providing discussion among his many clients, adding another arm to his forward momentum. Two originals by Billy Morrison will be on display.   

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                                                      Artist Reception
                                        Saturday July 27 from 7-11PM

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FATHOM Goes Deep with Moby Arts at Kaaboo!
Catch our Museum Grade Exhibition of Post Pop and Street Art this Fall at the Kaaboo Music and Art Festival in Del Mar California. 
Right: Chinese Dancer by Blek Le Rat, 2018 - Mixed Media on Canvas - 40x40 Inches

Left: Rolling Risky by Kelly 'Risk' Graval, 2019 - Aerosol, Kandy Car Paint, Crushed Abalone on License Plate, Road Signs, Recycled Spray Can Panel with Surfboard Resin - 48-Inches

Our complete artist line up will be announced on August 1st.