Otelia Vergez

Otelia Vergez [Romanian American b.1982] is a maker of spaces, in the conceptual and tangible world. She is best known for an obsession with topography & portraiture and how they inform each other. Being a Cleveland, Ohio native, born to Romanian immigrants and raised in a strong cultural community led her to pursue a career in the Fine Arts & Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art - receiving a BFA in Interior Design and minor in Ceramics & Glassblowing. Interest in sustainable
design (and warmer weather) led her career to Los Angeles, CA where she has worked in the architectural world for over a decade and is currently walking that fine line between art & design creating custom installations for architectural projects as well as street art and mixed media pieces.

Her interest in merging architectural studies into her art has sparked the 'O Land Land Land' project where she explores the people/land connection - how cities are built, the people who make community happen and the land that we get to call 'home'.

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