Have your event stand out with your brand and guest with our Freestyle programs. 

Include a LIVE PAINTING component, where the guests interact with your brand at your next festival or community event. 

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What is FreeStyle ?

Freestyle art programs allows art enthusiast to freely express themselves without any restrictions or guidelines.  The programs can be a great way for people  to explore their creativity and experiment with different mediums and techniques. Through our freestyle program, we can tailor a specific creative experience for your event. Creating an all-inclusive art activity for all ages. All participants will be able to explore different mediums and art techniques used by established artists. We provide stencils , watercolors, paints , etc. participants will be able to take their art home. 


Lithograph Art Activation

Lithography art is a great medium to use for highlighting to use natural resources to make art, as it allows for intricate details and textures to be captured.

People are invited to participate in this event by creating original artwork on recycled archival paper to create a one of kind piece of art using various elements of nature.

The Lithograph art experience creates an interactive learning experience for the community.

Our activation incorporate botanical elements such as flowers, leaves, tree stumps and vines into your lithography prints to symbolize the beauty and importance of nature.

Our various colors explore earthy tones and eco-friendly materials to further promote sustainability in participants artwork.

Lithograph Art highlight the significance of environmental conservation and protection in all designs.

The lithography art activation will inspire others to appreciate and care for our planet.


Freestyle- Banner Art Experience

The Banner Art Experience is a unique and colorful way to showcase local talent artistry of your participants.

People are invited to participate in this event by creating original artwork on a banner to be displayed throughout a festival. 

The Banner Art experience is a creative and interactive way for the community come together and showcase artistic talents.

Participants express themselves through color, imagery, and creativity on a banner that will be displayed for all to see as a great opportunity for individuals to share their uniqueness and for the community to appreciate the diversity of artistic expression.

We are sure it will be a visually stunning and inspiring display for everyone involved.

Sound Art

What is sound-arts and voice-arts ? 

Sound-arts and voice-arts sessions are participative activities that use sound of nature or melodic sounds. Participants are able to make music sounds with their voices.

Sound art is a form of artistic expression that focuses on the use of sound as the primary medium. It can include a wide range of techniques and approaches, such as using recorded sounds, live performances, installations, and interactive experiences. Sound artists often explore themes related to the nature of sound, perception, space, and technology.


Sound art can be experienced in a variety of settings, from traditional galleries and museums to outdoor spaces and public art projects. It offers a unique opportunity for audiences to engage with art in a different way, using their sense of hearing to explore new perspectives and ideas.