F U Pay Me!
F U Pay Me!
F U Pay Me!
F U Pay Me!

F U Pay Me!

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Artist:Amy Smith & Life After Death 
Medium: Mix Media - Hand Painted Multiple HPM : Spray Paint 
Colors: 8
Substrate: Coventry Rag 290 g/sm
Size: 24" x 24"
Signed and Numbered  Edition: 20

Framed: archival, black frame, shadowbox, floating plexiglass

Street art mural on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood created for Equal Pay Day 2021 collaboration with street artist Lifeafterdeathstreet.

Each print is unique, hand embellished limited edition print. Some have splatter paint, spray paint faded letters, or additional colors added to enhance each print for the collector.

If you have a preference of print please reach out and I'll try to accommodate the best I can