HERO - "Alpha Librae"

HERO - "Alpha Librae"

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10" x 10" x 1.5"

Spray Paint and Diamond Dust on Wood

Custom Framed included: Black Archive a floating frame with hanging hardware. framed by our master wood-smith

Contemporary artists that creates socially charged images with his blend of mixed media and spray paint. While acquiring his degree in film, his schooling introduced him to notable artists from the 20th century. His passion for graffiti and street art took him to the alleyways and aqueducts in Los Angeles, where he was introduced to some of the most infamous graffiti. artists. His vast influences have inspired him to focus on the process of creation and the evolution of self exploration. He has been known to create paintings using everything from smoke bombs to designer fabrics.

Hero’s collection of works focuses on “movement through the spectrum of light, time and space, and what possibilities exist at the intersection of imagination, innovation and choice. ”The cosmic theme his works embody beg the question of discovery, and what the future will hold. The artist asks the questions: “Are we the ones doing the discovering or the ones that will be discovered? ”How will we handle the obstacles we face in the future? “Do we find creative solutions to solve our problems or to skirt around them?”