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Artist: Creative Vice 
Medium:  Serigraph Hand Painted Multiple  

Colors: 2  Incrusted in Black Diamond Dust
Substrate: Coventry Rag 270 g/sm
Size: 18″ x 24″  straight edge
Signed and Numbered Edition: 28 
Signed in 18k Gold

Hand painted by the artist @creativevice Comes with custom Italian black frame design by our master wood-smith ! #Repost @creativevice


The “Ethos” collection is a 32 piece hand-painted multiple collaborative partnership done with @creativevice #handpulled #multiple #art #onepiece #museum #mobyartsla #mobyarts #moby

Creative vice is the brain child of Randy Richard Morales. A Los Angeles based artist, designer, writer, and overall creative. His passion is to create works for others to enjoy.  As a kid he would take paper from his fathers work and design shoes and clothes just for fun. He is a US Navy veteran and FIDM alumni. His favorite thing to say is “life for a creative is lonely, it’s like living in a world only you can see” which is why he started creative vice. An outlet for him to share whats on his mind. His goal is to continue creating so one day he can share his creative work that he can’t afford.