Karlos Marquez “Lost Love” Original

Karlos Marquez “Lost Love” Original

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Artist: Karlos Marquez
Medium: watercolor acrylic inks
Colors: 10
Size: 13.5”x 17.5”
Signed and Numbered: Original 


Karlos Ramon Marquez raised in the Pico-Union, of Los Angeles. Karlos has been contributing to the local LA art scene since 1984 when he created his first Graffiti Art pieces with friends under the name “Kartoon”. In 1985, he joined K2S (Kill 2 Succeed) graffiti crew as one of the original members. He continued to develop his style by studying art at Los Angeles City College and Associates of Art in Sherman Oaks where he studied life drawing and full figure drawing with Mark Westermoe. His art has evolved and encompasses a broad range of mixed media pieces including large canvas works and fabric, furniture and metal pieces for CISCO Home. These pieces are currently on display at CISCO Home stores in Santa Monica, Costa Mesa, Melrose, Pasadena, San Francisco, Nashville, TN, Ponte Vedra, FL and New York. Karlos believes in giving back to the community that has helped him develop as an artist and contributes to projects with Tempt One ALS foundation, Refoundry Project, the META Foundation and The Ron Finley Project.