Poet Roni Girl & Amy Smith - "Standing Tall"

Poet Roni Girl & Amy Smith - "Standing Tall"

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Wearable Art, Sustainable Camo Couture 

Upcycled Camo, Fabrics, Interior Design Scraps, T-shirt Hand Designed and Embellished 


Los Angeles based Poet & Upcycled Fashion Designer. Poet Roni Girl’s poetry combines old-school hiphop flava infused with down home blues and blue note Jazz. Her lyrics are recycled poems that speaks of Jazz Tales & hiphop lullabies.

As a designer for over 30 years, inspired by her veteran parents, Roni creates one-of-a-kind upcycled camo couture using recycled fabrics and textiles. Sustainability is key to the future and Roni designs with this intention.

You will have a chance to shop the new collaboration collection by Amy Smith and Poet Roni Girl mixing both styles to create dynamic wearable poetic art.


Contemporary artist Amy Smith creates a bold mixture of figurative paintings including her iconic women portraiture series, limited edition prints, illustrations, digital collages, abstract paintings, digital cityscapes, and inspirational merchandise. Using different techniques, her work celebrates unity and empowerment, feminism, social, and environmental justice, and messages that inspire love and hope.